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You can create a sale and apply discounts to your entire catalogue or to certain product categories.

To create a discount for the entire store catalogue or to specific product categories:
  1. Click on Catalog > SaleMaker to access the SaleMaker screen.
  2. Click on New Sale to access the SaleMaker details screen.
  3. Before you configure anything, click on the Click her for the SaleMaker Usage Tips hyperlink near the top of the screen. A pop-up window will appear with instructions on how to configure SaleMaker propperly.
  4. Enter the name you want to assign to this sale in the SaleName field.details-salemaker
  5. Enter a positive number into the Deduction field.
  6. Select how you want your new discounted price to be derived from the type field.
  7. If you want discounts to be applied only to products with a certain price range. Enter your desired values in the Products Pricerane and To fields.
  8. If your product is already on Special, you can decide how your new sale price will be affected by choosing a valure from the  If a product is a special field.
  9. If you want the sale to take place immediately leave the start date field empty. If its required at a later date then enter the date into the Start Date field.
  10. If you do not want your sale to expire then leave the Expiry Date field empty.
  11. Choose whether you want your sale to be applied to your entire catalgue or to selected categories by checking the relevant check-boxes.
  12. Click on insert to create your new sale.
  13. After your screen is refreshed, your new sale will be displayed. Note that your sale will only be active if the button in the status column is green.