JShipper Affiliate Tutorial PDF Print E-mail
We've written an extensive tutorial for you to help you set your account up!

First of all, your going to want to log into the affiliate area.
Do this by clicking Affiliate Login on the top menu. You should then see a login area appear like this:  After you've inserted your email address into the Email Address field, enter your password into the Password field and click the login button.









After you've logged in, you'll see three different buttons, 'Your account', 'Products' and 'Orders'.
In this tutorial we're going to start by clicking the 'Your account' button, then we're going to edit our personal details by clicking on the 'change your personal details' button.
This is where we can edit and add important information.


Click the 'submit' button and you should recieve a message saying 'Your personal details have been changed'.

Now, click on the 'change your company details' button.

We're going to edit our company details and upload our website and company logo.company-details-form

Here we add our Company Name and Address.
Then Click 'submit' to store your details.
Next were going to upload our Company Logo.
Click browse and select the file you want. When you've selected the required file, click upload.
Repeat the above steps for Website Logo also.
Now we're going to edit our website URL.
For this tutorial i'll be using http://www.shop3.rubberstampsdesigner.co.uk/
Add your URL and click 'submit.'
(click for full-size image)

Due to the fact we've only just set up this domain, there currently arent any products in the shop, therefore we should get this message:

Click the 'here' button on the message to go to the currently unlisted products.


(click for full-size image)

Using the tick boxes, select the products you wish to add to your shop and click the addproductbutton button.
After a few seconds you should then recieve this message:



Now were going to view, and alter the prices of the products we've added.
Click the 'View Your Products' button to display the list of products you have added to your store.

(click for full-size image)


To edit the prices and to enable/disable the products, click the products name.

You can then edit the price of the stamp you selected in the box.
Using the tick-box, you can also choose wether the product is enabled or not
(click for full-size image)

After clicking 'submit' you should then recieve this confirmation message:

When your happy with all your settings click 'Your account' > 'Update the details on your website'
Select the options you require and set a user name and click 'Update Now'

Now do the same with your product details.

Congratulations, you have successfully set-up your affiliate website!