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Aswell as our large range of products, You can add your own custom products to sell yourself!

Before you create a product of your own:
  1. Click on  Catalog > Categories/Products to access the categories/products screen.
  2. Navigate to the category in which you would like to place the product. If you have not yet created a custom category, do so now as you are prohibited from using the ASAP categories to place your own products.
    To learn how to create a new categories click here.
  3. Click on the select box at the bottom of the screen and choose Product-General.
  4. Click on new product to access the Product screen.
  5. Change the Product status to either Out-of-stock or In-stock depending on your level of
  6. You can choose wether to make the product available immediately or at a future date via the Date Available field.
  7. Enter the product name in the Products Name field.
  8. Marking the product is free button will override all prices and discounts of the product and make it free!
  9. By marking the Product Is Call For Price button, customers cannot add the product to the cart and have to call you for the price.
  10. Products Price (net) is usually your selling price and the base price of your product.
  11. Products Price (gross) is the price of your product after applying a tax rate.
  12. Mark No, Shipping Address Required if you need to ship any physical goods to your customers, if no physical products need shipping due to you selling a servive or a download, then mark the Yes, Skip Shipping Address button.
  13. Always free shipping indicates whether you want to offer free shipping on this specific product.
  14. If Product Quantity Box Shows is set to Yes, Show Quantity Box, the customer will see a box indicating the number they are adding to the cart, if not then only the 'add to cart' button will be displayed to them.
  15. Product Qty Minimum indicates the number of items of a product the customer must buy, this is displayed just above the 'add to cart' button.
  16. Product Qty Maximum inicates the maximum quantity a customer is allowed and is displayed with the minimum amount.
  17. The Product Qty Units limits customers to purchasing in fixed quantities. E.g. if this number is set to 5, customers can only order in quantities of 5,10,15 etc.
  18. Enter the description of your product into the Products Description field.
  19. Products Quantity Indicates the amount of stock you have for the particular product.
  20. Products Model is used to specify a model for your product which means customers can perform a search in your store based on a products model.
  21. To Specify a Product Image follow the same precedure as you did in uploading an image for your custom category.
    • To Delete an image. set the delete image option to yes to disassociate the current image with the product, or, set to no if you want to use another image.
    • for the Overwrite Existing Image On Server option set to yes if you need to upload an image which has changed but kept the same name.
  22. The Products URL is used to point customers at the products website if you wish to provide more information about the product.
  23. Products Weight allows you to specify a weight. the defualt weight is set to 0. The default unit of measurement is pounds. (lbs).
  24. Sort Order specifies the sequence in which this product should be displayed. Default is 0.
  25. After you have entered your desired values, click on the preview button to upload any images and see whether there are any warning or errors in your entires.
  26. Click on insert to save your changes in the database.